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Area12 Orienteering Championships, Mistletoe State Park, December 9, 2023, McDonough HS NJROTC

Course Difficulty/Color Information

Courses are designed to challenge your navigation abilities. Below are the typically available course colors (White to Blue) and the navigation challenges salient to each course. ORIENTEERING MAP READING BASICS

NEW ORIENTEERS = WHITE - 2.0km, Controls are located on trails/streams/fence lines or any other distinct linear feature on the ground. YELLOW - 3.0km, Controls are located within 100 meters of linear features and on distinct point features (boulders, rootstocks etc). The CHALLENGE is to RELOCATE your position on the map by orienting the map to the ground (north) and identifying features on the map as you pass by. The Basic Skills of Orienteering These courses are less than 3 km.

INTERMEDIATE ORIENTEERS = ORANGE - 4.0km, Controls are on point features with distinct ATTACK POINTS and CATCHING FEATURES near by. Route choices favor the easy and safe route to the control so that relocating requires less skill. These course may be up to 4km in length.

ADVANCED ORIENTEERS = SILVER - 2.5km, BROWN - 5.0km, GREEN - 6.0km, RED - 7km, BLUE - 10km. ATTACK POINTS and COLLECTING FEATURES are more difficult to discern. PACING, Compass, and Map Reading skills are tested on these courses.

What you need to Know

Safety -Carry a whistle and Cell Phone (if possible) - First Aide available at the finish.

Rules.-GAOC COVID-19 Rules Apply-
NO WATER available on the course or at start/finish. Carry your own.